BBQ Surroundings

Here at LSD Stone we work with many large companies and would be more than happy to introduce them to our customers. At LSD Stone we offer modern, classic, shaker and traditional style kitchens at affordable prices.

To obtain professional outcomes in your kitchen, we also offer full variety of premium appliances. From full kitchen remodels to updates with new cabinets, worktops, countertops, and appliances we have everything under one roof. Contact us to discuss your needs .


A member of our team will meet you onsite; at your home, business or workplace to accurately measure your worktops. At this stage you can discuss features such as; edging profiles, drainer grooves, upstands and more. During templating all your worktop requirements will be studied with you ensuring the precise position of your appliances, worktop overhung, worktop edge profile ensuring the bespoke product is tailored to your requirements.


Once our fabricators have templated your worktops, we will begin the fabrication process. All worktops are fabricated in-house. This saves you time and money. This also ensures that we are in control of the quality of your worktops. Our skilled engineers use the latest machinery and highest technology to cut your worktops to size and add in details such as drainer grooves. Customers often visit our fabrication yard to custom cut the slabs by choosing the location of cuts and what outcome could be.


Fortunately, refurbishing and refinishing a stone worktop is a simple job that can often be done in situ. Depending on the level and type of damage, the refurbishment may involve stripping and refinishing the stone. It can also include removing a few millimeters of the surface to rejuvenate damaged material. Next comes patching, filling or other repair work; or even remodeling and recutting the stone to fit a larger sink or alter damaged edges.